Exercise selection for horomone production

Exercise Selection for Hormone Production

A surfeit of benefits come with exercise and it is hard to say which one is superior. Some of us train for the endorphins, some of us for longevity, some of us want to look good naked, and some of us train for all of the above. However, it would be hard to argue that the increase in hormone production post exercise wouldn’t be close to the top of that list as an increase in testosterone and growth hormone improve all of the aforementioned benefits. But not all exercises are created equal when it comes to exciting such a hormonal response, scrupulous attention should be given to exercise selection when designing a program to garner the cornucopia of anabolic hormones and other physiological benefits such as bone density and muscle mass. With that being said, we should first distinguish the difference between an isolation exercise (exercises that minutely increase hormone production) and a compound exercise (exercises that substantially increase hormone production).

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Rock Climbing

Drills for Rock Climbers

Much like any athlete or weekend warrior, it can be easy to title ourselves as a “rock climber” or “runner” or whatever your sport of choice may be. Sure, getting more efficient in our sport requires us to spend hours perfecting our craft. However, we often lack the discipline or expertise to train for our sport. This requires time off the wall, away from the pavement, and more time in the gym to build strength and gain mobility to support the economy of our sport.

Adding this program just twice a week to your regimen can pay huge benefits when you get back on the wall!
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Girl watching sunrise

8 Dimensions of Wellness

When wellness comes to mind, we often think about our health. However, wellness is so much more than just not being sick! It is a dynamic process of change and growth. There are eight dimensions of wellness, each adding a different element to being well.

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Frog Position

Turn On Your Glutes

The importance of activating the gluteal muscles can help maximize your training regimen as well as prevent injuries, often distal to the hip joint. It’s imperative to prime the gluteal muscles and the smaller stabilizer muscles in the hip prior to squatting, deadlifting, or any lower body movement to ensure the hip region is warmed up and ready for more complex movements. Too often, we see individuals jump straight into back squats or deadlifts without any focus on glute activation and wonder why their training sessions are lackluster.

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Scapular Depression

Five Exercises for Head, Neck, & Shoulder Pain

The main contributor to head, neck, and shoulder tension/pain is mostly due to poor posture. Poor posture can develop from working an office job that requires prolonged sitting. The over utilization of technology such as computers and smartphones leads to poor posture, as you can imagine, with the head down, shoulders forward, and rounded back. Participating in sports and activities that require the body to be in different positions such as cycling, for example, can also be a contributor. Furthermore, it could be from an old injury that was sustained in the past that may have forced the body to compensate in a way that allows the body to continually function on a daily basis.
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Running man with knee pain

Cure Stress and Inflammation, the Natural Way

Forest fires are unbelievably powerful, capably dangerous, and yet necessary. They clear forests of dead trees, break down and return nutrients to the soil, remove weak or disease-ridden trees, and ultimately improve wildlife habitat. Inflammation within our bodies parallels this act of nature in nearly every way. It is a physiological response with stigmatically negative connotations similar to a forest fire, yet it is a response that’s absolutely necessary for protection and healing. Without an inflammatory response, a tiny cut or cold could become deadly, and without a forest fire, a forest could become plagued with disease and stagnant germination. However, not all inflammation is good and a fire in the forest is not always necessary. Acute inflammation may be rolling your ankle or having a sore throat, more of an immediate response. while, chronic inflammation could be your daily stressors from work, lack of sleep, or a poor diet, more long-term exposure.
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Nutrition Label Blog

Nutrition 101: Reading Labels

Are you one of the many people who have a love-hate relationship with grocery stores? They are wonderful, because they are stocked full of the foods that can keep our bodies alive and healthy. On the contrary, there are endless options that can damage our bodies without us realizing it. It can be frustrating when you’re excited to start practicing healthy eating habits, only to be bombarded by options on the shelves making a multitude of ambiguous claims. …all natural, gluten free, whole grain… Suddenly, you enter panic mode and grab what looks like the healthiest option or just end up filling your cart with what you are used to. No wonder many of us are confused what we should eat! Below are a few tips to help you develop confidence in your ability to make smart choices at the grocery store by understanding how to read labels.
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Four Elements Essential to your Training Regimen

There are many ways to vary your training regimen, but we’d like to focus on four that are commonly overlooked: have a plan/program, and prescribe multi-joint, multi-planar, and unilateral lifts. These four components can help provide a well-balanced routine throughout the week and add much needed variability your body needs to adapt.
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Healthy Meal

Clear the Haze: Key Components of a Good Diet

Nutrition is a vital component of health and fitness. They, truly go hand in hand. Much like fitness, there is no one size-fits-all meal plan that can fit the needs of everyone. Inevitably, most people will start rummaging through the abyss of google for a diet to meet their needs. Seeking answers from multiple sources often seems like a good idea at first, but it usually takes a turn for the worse when everyone claims to have the answers, and yet each suggestion conflicts with the next. … Intermittent Fasting, No wait, eat every 3 hours… Eat whole grain, unless you follow Paleo then don’t eat grains at all… Diet is extremely individual. Moments of success can lend clues to lead you in the right direction. Your body weight, energy level, and performance can all be indicators of your diet is working. Check out our guide to test your nutrition.
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Allie Henderson on phone with proper posture

Office Ergonomics

Low back pain, slouched shoulders, neck pain? The guilty culprit? Spending so much time in poor posture! There are many causes for these aches and pains, but a good place to start is taking a look at how we position ourselves at work. Since so many people spend their days sitting or standing at a desk, it is crucial to know how to set up our workstation properly. The following are some recommendations to set up your workplace properly so you can improve those painful muscle imbalances.

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