3 Best Front Squat Grips

While tough to master, front squats are a great exercise to build your lower body strength while developing a strong and functional core. Try these different techniques to find what works best for you.


Cross Fit Front Squat Grip

Positioning Yourself

  • Position hands at the outside of the shoulders
  • Let the bar roll to your fingertips
  • Rest the bar on your anterior delts
  • Keep elbows up and back straight through repetitions

Common Issues with Cross Fit Grip

The cross fit grip can often be hard for those with limited flexibility. Make sure you have warmed up and stretched well before performing this exercise.

Be sure to also watch your lumbar extension during the exercise. Keep your core strong and make sure not to lean too far forward or backward.


Cross Arm Front Squat Grip

Positioning Yourself

  • Rest the bar on your anterior delts
  • Cross your arms and place hands on bar pressing against the shoulders
  • During squat keep your back straight and your core engaged

Common Issues with Cross Arm Grip

The most common issue we see with the cross arm grip is the urge to round your back. Focus on keeping your body in alignment.

The cross arm grip can also be much more fatiguing and requires strength in the upper back.


Strap Assisted Front Squat Grip

Positioning Yourself

  • Wrap straps around the bar
  • Keep hands at the outside of the shoulders like in the cross fit grip
  • Hold the straps and keep tension
  • Continue exercise with straight back and core engaged

Common Issues with Strap Assisted Grip

The main issue that we see in this grip is clients wanting to wrap the strap around their hands. This can create a stronger hold but if fatigue is reached and the bar is dropped it can cause serious injury.

Other Tips

  • Most often people can lift more with a standard back squat than a front squat. Make sure not to try and go heavy too quickly.
  • The front squat requires a lot of core strength. Make sure to keep your muscles engaged and not let your lower back take over.

Here at Precision we want to make sure you stay safe and grow stronger. Contact us to set up an appointment where we can go over these techniques in more detail.

Joshua Lieb

Joshua Lieb

Personal Trainer