1. Avoiding Carbs

When traveling for work or fun it is next to impossible to avoid eating out. Work meetings, social outings, or chowing down at your favorite spot… by no means do you have to completely avoid eating out. However, there are a few rules of thumb we like to follow to prevent unwanted weight gain when eating out:

  • Avoid the starter bread
  • Pick a meal heavy in protein and veggies
  • Healthy fats can help round out your meal

2. Make Fast Food Healthier

We know it sounds crazy but fast food doesn’t always have to be completely unhealthy! Just remember to take small steps to reduce the unhealthy portions of your meal.

  • Stay away from the fryer, no fries, chicken strips, or onion rings
  • Try removing the bun on your chicken sandwich or burger
  • If available get fruit/salad as your side

Fast Foot Suggestion – Chipotle

What to get: Burrito bowl with choice of meat, rice, beans, lettuce, guac, and salsa.

Chipotle Tip: You can get fajita veggies added to any dish free of charge!

3. Plan Ahead When Camping

Remember that when camping you have full control in the food that goes with you. It is important to make health-conscious decisions. Avoid the potato chips and cookies and instead, go for snacks that make you both happy and healthy.

  • Trail Mix
  • Beef Jerky
  • Fruit & Veggies
  • Hummus
  • Burgers

4. Get Active

Watching what you eat is crucial to staying healthy on the road but it is also important to stay active. Try to hit your step goal each day of your trip, remain active for 10-15 minutes post meal, or if you need something more active try our No Excuse Workout for Traveling!

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