Foam Rolling 101

Allie Henderson foam rolling

Why should you foam roll?

Surrounding our muscles, bones, and organs is a network of connective tissue called fascia. Unlike our muscles which are more elastic in nature, fascia is more plastic in nature, made primarily from dense fibers of collagen. From a musculoskeletal point, fascia helps support efficiency of movement, reactive forces, and injury prevention. However, muscle imbalances, overuse, stress, and injuries can create “knots” or entanglements within the tissue, causing restriction of movement. We often refer to this areas as trigger points.
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Prevent Back Injuries with Frontal Loading

Personal trainer performing v-sit overhead reach in Vancouver, WA

We have seen it countless times… reaching into the trunk to grab a heavy grocery bags, pushing the couch, flipping the mattress, bending over to grab something off the floor and EEEEK, your back gives out. Cancel all appointments for the next week and renew your Netflix subscription because you’re are about to rekindle your relationship with your recliner and heating pad.
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