Rock Climbing

Drills for Rock Climbers

Much like any athlete or weekend warrior, it can be easy to title ourselves as a “rock climber” or “runner” or whatever your sport of choice may be. Sure, getting more efficient in our sport requires us to spend hours perfecting our craft. However, we often lack the discipline or expertise to train for our sport. This requires time off the wall, away from the pavement, and more time in the gym to build strength and gain mobility to support the economy of our sport.

Adding this program just twice a week to your regimen can pay huge benefits when you get back on the wall!
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Frog Position

Turn On Your Glutes

The importance of activating the gluteal muscles can help maximize your training regimen as well as prevent injuries, often distal to the hip joint. It’s imperative to prime the gluteal muscles and the smaller stabilizer muscles in the hip prior to squatting, deadlifting, or any lower body movement to ensure the hip region is warmed up and ready for more complex movements. Too often, we see individuals jump straight into back squats or deadlifts without any focus on glute activation and wonder why their training sessions are lackluster.

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Scapular Depression

Five Exercises for Head, Neck, & Shoulder Pain

The main contributor to head, neck, and shoulder tension/pain is mostly due to poor posture. Poor posture can develop from working an office job that requires prolonged sitting. The over utilization of technology such as computers and smartphones leads to poor posture, as you can imagine, with the head down, shoulders forward, and rounded back. Participating in sports and activities that require the body to be in different positions such as cycling, for example, can also be a contributor. Furthermore, it could be from an old injury that was sustained in the past that may have forced the body to compensate in a way that allows the body to continually function on a daily basis.
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Four Elements Essential to your Training Regimen

There are many ways to vary your training regimen, but we’d like to focus on four that are commonly overlooked: have a plan/program, and prescribe multi-joint, multi-planar, and unilateral lifts. These four components can help provide a well-balanced routine throughout the week and add much needed variability your body needs to adapt.
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Kettlebell in the air ready to start Turkish Get-Up

Turkish Get-Up How To

The Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is a great, complex functional movement that utilizes multiple muscles groups. Moreover, it’s a movement that demonstrates both stability and mobility. This exercise commonly utilizes a kettlebell in one hand while the elbow is extended and shoulder is flexed throughout the whole movement. TGU is a great exercise to perform in the gym if you’re pressed for time and it doesn’t require much equipment or setup. Traditionally, TGU is used with a kettlebell but a dumbbell will suffice if you don’t have access to kettlebells.
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Push Up With Shoulder Tap

Turn On Your Core

Engage your core! We hear this phrase being tossed around all the time, but a lot of people may not necessarily understand how to engage it. A functionally active core is essential to improving your posture, preventing low back pain, improving your balance, and so much more. However, there are many dysfunctions that can occur within our core. It is often necessary to revert to breathing and foundational core exercises to rebuild a stronger, more efficient base for our body to work from.
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No Excuse Workout for Hotel & Home

Time is one of the BIGGEST excuses people use to justify why they can’t to workout. With spring break and summer coming up, travel can often be a conflict as well. We all have time for what me make time for. Whatever the reason, our “No-Excuse Workout” can be done anywhere or anytime. No equipment needed (except your strong body). It’s also low-impact if you have down-stairs neighbors at home or in a hotel, and can be done in a small space (yes, even a cubicle if you need a quick break at work).
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