Pull ups are one of the most common, yet incredibly difficult exercises. People of all abilities often struggle with completing good set in with proper form. Here at Precision we are dedicated to creating a better, stronger you. Whether aiming for your first pull-up or increasing reps, follow our guide to boost the efficiency and quality of your pull-up.

Proper Pull Up Form

  • Jump up to pull up bar
  • Keep arms slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Drive down will elbows, don’t pull with arms
  • Pull bar toward your chest, don’t lead with the chin

Australian Pull Up

If a standard pull up is too much to start a good variation is the Australian pull up.

  • Place bar at a medium height where you can reach it from the ground
  • Sit below bar extending feet out in front of you
  • Follow proper pull up form using the ground for assistance
  • Bring your legs closer for less resistance

Banded Pull Up Progressions

Another way to build pull up strength is to use an elastic band to provide assistance.

  • Wrap band around pull up bar
  • Using box place your foot inside the band
  • Follow proper pull up form
  • Carefully step back on box and pull foot from band

Tip: It is best to have a workout buddy when performing band assisted pull ups to help you enter and exit the band safely.

Isometric Pull Up Holds

Increase the strength of your pull up muscles by performing isometric pull up holds.

  • Jump to bar and pull yourself into position
  • Hold yourself up for 30 seconds
  • Release back down to the ground
  • Work on multiple sets at different angles (above and below bar)

Pull Up Negatives

Continue to build that core strength with pull up negatives.

  • Use your legs to jump up above the bar
  • Slowly lower yourself down using a controlled motion
  • Jump up again and focus on lowering rather than pulling

Neutral Position Bicep Pull Ups

As you build your pull up progressions you can switch to a neutral grip pull up.

  • Hand position is moved closer to the body
  • Adds increased focus to the bicep muscle
  • Allows for an easier pull up

Follow these tips to improve your pull up form as well as increase the number of pull ups you can perform.

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