Time is one of the BIGGEST excuses people use to justify why they can’t to workout. With spring break and summer coming up, travel can often be a conflict as well. We all have time for what me make time for. Whatever the reason, our “No-Excuse Workout” can be done anywhere or anytime. No equipment needed (except your strong body). It’s also low-impact if you have down-stairs neighbors at home or in a hotel, and can be done in a small space (yes, even a cubicle if you need a quick break at work).

5 Moves – No Excuses

1. Squatting Lunges

While staying low in a squat you will step back into a reverse lunge. Bring your foot back to center while staying low. Alternate legs each time.

Squatting Lunge Position 1 Squatting Lunge Position 2

2. Push-Up Into Pike Plank

While in a narrow grip plank position, lower your chest and hips a couple inches above the ground. As you push back up, reach your hand towards your opposite knee, shin, or toe (whatever you can reach). Come back into plank position and repeat with the other side.

Push-Up Into Pike Plank Position 1 Push-Up Into Pike Plank Position 2

3. Hovering Toe Touch

Get in your base position: wrists directly beneath your shoulders and your knees right below your hips. Raise your knees about two inches off the ground. Swivel your body and touch as far as you can (ideally our toes) with your opposite hand. Return to your base position then repeat on the other side.

Hovering Toe Touch Position 1 Hovering Toe Touch Position 2

4. Single Leg Glute Bridge

With one foot elevated on a surface (chair, bed, suitcase, etc.), raise your other leg towards the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes together to raise your hips up off the ground and lifting your straight leg closer to the ceiling. Lower back down. Stay on one side then repeat on the other.

Single Leg Glute Bridge Position 1 Single Leg Glute Bridge Position 2

5. Mountain Climbers

While in a plank position on the floor or elevated (having your hands on a bed, chair, or table) alternate bringing your knees to chest as quickly as possible.

Mountain Climbers Position 1 Mountain Climbers Position 2

With just 5 moves, varying your training protocol is essential to break your plateau. The following are just a few of ideas of how to fit these into your schedule while keeping your body guessing:

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM): Pick a specific number of reps for each move. Set a timer and when the minute starts perform the exercise until you get your reps. Once your hit your reps, you have the rest of the minute to get ready to start the next move. Repeat the whole circuit as many times as you can with your time. (Ideally 3-5 sets).

Pyramid: You can do the pyramid in two ways: low to high, or high to low. For example, if starting high to low, you would pick a rep and go through all the moves hitting that number. (20 reps first set, then 15, then 10, then 5). Transition quickly between exercises (less than 30 seconds) then take a one minute break before hitting your next round.

Circuit: Pick a set amount of time you will be doing each move. Complete each exercise for the chosen time, then switch to the next move as fast as possible. Once through all the moves, rest an equal amount of time. Repeat as many times as you can in your allotted time (ideally 3-5 sets).

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