Trying to lose weight and burn fat is a difficult task for most people. Most will start with a food log, but counting calories day after day can be daunting. Instead, we have two tips that can help you to burn fat without spending hours tracking your meals:

1) Get Moving After Big Meals

The biggest mistake people make after a large meal is continuing to stay sedentary. This can often make you feel bloated and fatigued. To help get the digestive system going, make sure to get up and moving for at least 10 minutes after a big meal. This increases insulin sensitivity (making your body more responsive in absorbing and utilizing blood sugar) and makes things easier on your digestive system.

This movement is meant to be a non-exercise activity. There is no need to go run a mile or lift weights, but try one of these easy post-meal activities:

  • Taking a walk
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Tidying the house
  • Playing with your kids

2) Eat Carbs Around Workouts

Carbs are our body’s primary source of energy. However, if the tank is full there is no need to “top it off.” To use an analogy, think of your body as a sponge. During your workouts, you utilize blood glucose and muscle glycogen (metabolized sugar) as fuel, wringing out the sponge. Post-workout, your body is starving for fuel, a dry sponge ready to mop up as much energy/sugar as possible and drive it back into the muscles. Draw some awareness to when you consume the bulk of your carbs. Focus on eating your high carb meals before and after workouts. Before workouts to give your body the energy it needs to push yourself and after to replenish the energy you exerted.

Avoid carbs in the morning (unless you do early workouts) and right before bed to improve insulin sensitivity and help burn excess fat.

It is important to remember that though these two tips can help burn fat over time – the best results come from a focused routine of exercise, healthy food, and monitoring your caloric intake.

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