Allie Henderson, Vancouver WA Personal Trainer

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About Allie

Allie is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise with her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness and minor in Nutrition from BYU. From an early age she, enjoyed being active with her family: hiking, riding dirt bikes, rock climbing, shooting hoops, and playing volleyball. Taking care of her health is a huge priority in Allie’s life, which continues to fuel her confidence, self-efficacy, and overall happiness in life. Much the same, she strives to help others reach their goals and achieve optimal health. Allie supports clients looking to lose/manage their weight through innovative training techniques including speed and agility training, functional strength development, and dietary coaching.

A Word from Allie

“Life is meant to be enjoyed! That is going to happen when we are taking care of our minds and bodies. Exercise is important because it provides stress relief, confidence, strength, and the capability to move well. I want to make working out a highlight of your day as we work together to reach your goals.”

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