Brittany is a NASM certified personal trainer with her Master of Science degree in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. After spending 10+ years in the medical field, seeing people suffer from the consequences of a poor diet and no exercise, she decided it was time to make a change and approach health care from a different avenue. As someone who has always had a passion for good food and cooking, nutrition was the perfect choice. With that, naturally came the choice to pursue becoming a personal trainer as well. With this combination she feels empowered to be able to help people get and stay as healthy as possible!

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology
  • Master’s Degree in Nutrition
  • NASM Certified Women's Health Specialist

A word from


“If I could describe my approach to health and fitness with one word, it’d be sustainable. I am here to help you grow to achieve your goals, and if our plan isn’t sustainable, it’s going to be really hard to do that! I promise to always be realistic, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to continually challenge you – both inside and out of our sessions!”

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