Hayley Thomson, Vancouver WA personal trainer

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About Hayley

Hayley Thomson, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, and Fitness Business. She grew up as an active child in the Pacific Northwest. She participated in competitive gymnastics for eleven years, where she could use her energy and learn to be the best she could be. When repeated injuries prevented her from continuing to compete, Hayley devoted herself to coaching gymnastics for another seven years, helping them towards their goals. While pursuing her degree at BYU-Idaho, Hayley interned at a physical therapy office where she learned to help individuals recover from injury and continue to strengthen their bodies to prevent further harm. Since graduating, Hayley has redoubled her commitment toward pursuing further training and certification to better serve her clients and to help them become their best selves!

A Word from Hayley

“The best investment you can make for your quality of life is to invest yourself. Emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health & well-being all stem from the state of your physical health. Your body is the conduit for everything else that makes up who you are. By getting adequate rest, eating right, and exercising regularly, you will be on the path to the balance emotions, to clarity of thought, the feeling of confidence, and the level of energy you’ve always dreamed of. Hard things are worth doing. Each of us have different challenges to overcome, but as we learn to conquer them, we can become unstoppable. I want to help you become the best version of yourself! Let’s work together on your goals and help you achieve them. You will never regret doing the right thing for your health!”

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