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About Josh

Joshua Lieb is an ACE certified personal trainer with a Bachelor of Arts in physical activity and exercise and a veteran of our armed forces. He has had a passion for sports, weight training and physical activity for over two decades; as an athlete, physique competitor, and outdoor enthusiast. After being released by the Navy due to severe injuries, Josh learned the value of diet and exercise in both recovery and rehabilitation, as well as what exercise prescription is needed for beginning again. Once home, Josh followed his passion and further increased his knowledge of health and fitness by attending Portland State University. Now, as a recent graduate, Josh is continuing to pursue additional certifications and education to not only fulfill his passion, but to be the best trainer for his current and future clients.

A Word from Josh

“I know what it’s like to start from scratch, to have a layoff from exercise, and to be unmotivated. Conversely, I know how to get it all back, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, persistence, patience and consistency. No matter the goal, whether it be large or small, my job is to not only help you reach those goals safely and effectively, but to promote self efficacy in regards to exercise technique, form, and selection. Ultimately, I am here for you; to guide, to coach, and to motivate along this awesome journey towards your own health and fitness goals.”

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