As many life changing journeys do… Ryan’s started with a break up. She’d been living with depression & anxiety since she was a pre-teen so self love was hard to come by regardless, but when she got out of a serious relationship in 2017 she decided to make herself a priority, really for the first time. She moved back to her hometown with the hope of reconnecting with herself & finding what she was truly passionate about outside of anyone else’s influence, & that turned out to be health & wellness.

Ryan found yoga soon after her move & was so in love with the peace she found at the end of her first class that she signed up for a teacher training immediately & was certified in & teaching Vinyasa (dynamic flow style) yoga by Spring 2018. Her passions for movement & knowledge led her to another certification in Yin (static, flexibility/mobility focused) yoga by Summer 2019.

Now, post-Covid, Ryan’s picked right back up where she left off by getting a supplement coach & personal training certifications & also hopes to study nutrition so that she can be a well-rounded source of knowledge & help for each & every client!

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Yin & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
  • Certified DotFit Supplement Coach

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Because of depression, anxiety & a cardiac condition, I understand the mental blocks behind working out. I understand how triggering weakness & immobility can be & I understand how difficult it is to just show up some days. I personally needed a LOT of help in changing my life for the better, both mentally & physically & in figuring out what tools could help me the most… & finally asking for help has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. Now that I’m able, I want to use all of my education to be able to help others give themselves that same gift! If we work together, your journey with me will be a quirky, fun quest to figuring out the “why’s” behind what will be your most valuable tools & yes, also a difficult one… but in the most beautiful way!

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