Athletic Seminars in Vancouver, WA

Corporate Wellness Director Trevor Thomas continues to foster community health by providing educational active and lecture based seminars to athletic teams and wellness centers around the Vancouver-Portland Metro Area. Please inquire directly to help build the seminar that is right for you!

Injury Prevention

Education and Expert Analysis of common injuries of your sport and how to prevent them with exercises you, the athlete, can do every day. This 1hr seminar will be a combination of lecture and activity.

Integrated Performance

From strength to agility, muscle to connective tissue, this 1hr seminar will provide your team with the education and application they need to foster efficient and powerful movement, while staying injury free.

Team Building

A team is only as good as their ability to work with one another. Through strategic, cognitive and active games focused on team-work, this session is geared to improve your team’s cohesiveness while building a stronger bond with one-another.