Friends that sweat together, stay together! Looking to pair up with your significant other, friend, or foe? Partner Training combines our same level of Personal Training Service but accommodates two people per session, saving you money while setting you and your partner up for success.

Three benefits of Partner Training


Having a workout buddy can be a great way keep you on track.  Setting up a consistent day/time you workout together, and holding each other to it, will ensure you won’t miss your workouts.  You might be willing to let yourself down, but YOU CAN’T LET EACH OTHER DOWN!


If you’ve been training solo for a while, it can be easy to get in a rut and simply go through the motions.  Whether your competitive or not, having a workout partner to help push you can do wonders in breaking plateaus.  When you’re thinking about stopping before those last few reps, your partner is going to be there to call you out.  OWN IT!  Medicine-ball tosses, agility drills, super-setting exercises you can tag team. There are countless of partner exercises you can do too to help spark some variability in your training.


Sure, a night out on the town, drinks in hand, a good bite to eat is an easy go to for happy hour… but may not be conducive to your health and fitness goals.  Picking a night or two a week to you can meet at the gym benefits two-fold: a big calorie burn and preventing over-consumption!  Your workouts don’t have to be strictly structured or boring.  Signing up for classes you enjoy or seeing a trainer to support you with energizing new workouts each week can prevent boredom ensure your are getting results.