Accommodating 3-6 people, Team Training brings a theme to your workout while fostering a strong community between your team mates. Start your own team or join us for one of our many, 8-week Team Training workouts.

Team Training Schedule

Shoulder Maintenance

Monday • 4:30pm

Do you sit at a desk all day? Do you currently have a shoulder/rotator cuff injury? Have you had one in the past that is not fully recovered? Learn how to add in rotational exercises, stabilizer exercises, & much more!

Booty Gainz

Tuesday • 6pm

Increase your glute & upper hamstring strength & definition with this Team! Ready to get your booty kicked?! Need we say more…?

Pull-Up Pro

Wednesday • 4pm & Saturday • 10am

Is your goal to accomplish 1 pull-up? Can you do 1 or 2 but need to know how to progress? This Team Training is for YOU! Learn how to gain muscle & how to succeed at this popular exercise!

Ropes Gone Wild

Thursday • 6pm

Take battle ropes to the next level! Want an aerobic workout that will push you to your limit? This workout will have you burning calories hours post workout!

Box It Out!

Friday • 7am

Interested in Muay Thai? Learn the proper techniques, have partner contact, learn to build combos for tactical offense/defense, & burn a ton of calories!

Ropes & Rows!

Saturday • 11am

Are you ready to combo Battle Ropes & Rowing in 60 minutes?! This Team Training will have you burning A TON of calories, giving you a full body workout, and will push you to your max. Perfect for after the holidays.

Custom Team Trainings

Looking to hire a trainer with a group of friends, co-workers, bridesmaids for an upcoming wedding? Precision can set-up a team training specific to your needs!

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