Ricky Hernandez is a NASM Certified Personal trainer from Phoenix, Arizona. His background in medical rehabilitation and passion for sports has driven him to pursue a career in health and wellness. As a new father, Ricky loves to challenge himself in and outside of the gym and is continuously developing spiritually, mentally and physically. Also an Army veteran, he is using the GI Bill to study Physical Therapy in hopes of one day earning his Doctorate. His goal is to lift as many people up along the way. Ricky takes pride in his work and has helped many people achieve a variety of different fitness goals, but values the friendships that overcoming hard times together form even more. He is no stranger to adversity and believes that everyone has it in them to overcome it and that it is important to have someone helping along the way.

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

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“Although I am proud of my accomplishments, I have never seen myself as the smartest or strongest in the room. I believe that everyone has something they can teach you. I strive to keep an open mind and learn as much as I can about this world and the people sharing it with me. I have gravitated towards a career in fitness because it is so rewarding to help people overcome their own challenges and achieve their goals. I love helping people conquer things they never thought they’d be able to. Whether if it is learning to walk again or setting a new personal record, I get fired up the same way. I will climb the same mountain over and over again just to feel the excitement of helping someone who has never done it before take their first step. Even if they only need me for the beginning of their journey, I am always grateful to teach someone simply because I always end up learning something about myself along the way.”

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