Trevor Thomas, Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditional Association started his health and fitness career with Clark College. Initially going to school for Engineering, Trevor soon realized that helping others was his passion after taking just one course in Fitness Training. By connecting his strengths in physics with biomechanics (the study of movement), Trevor has been able to create some of the most strategic training sessions that will leave you moving better than you ever thought possible.

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • AAS in Fitness Training
  • Continuing Education in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Certifications

A word from


“When life throws a curve ball, you must adjust your swing. With a Professional Fitness Background and expertise in Biomechanical Movement, I aim to erase movement restrictions and provide the support you need to achieve the optimal you. Through innovative training techniques, motivational coaching and of course a few shared laughs, our sessions will be dynamic, effective and dare I say…FUN! We make thousands of choices each day that impact our health, it takes just one to elicit change. Take the swing!”

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