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Friends that sweat together, stay together! Looking to pair up with your significant other, friend, or foe? Partner training combines our same level of personal training service but accommodates two people per session, saving you money while setting you and your partner up for success.

“I began my journey at Precision Personal Training just over a year ago when I met with Trevor to discuss beginning a training program. Now at 50, I feel like I am in better shape than I have been in years. It’s funny when I travel, I find myself checking out the fitness center at the hotel before I book it! I never would have done that a year ago."

Vancouver, WA

Benefits of partner training

Working out with a friend can be a great way to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Not only does having a workout buddy make exercise more fun, but it also provides a sense of accountability and support.



Having a workout buddy can be a great way keep you on track.  Setting up a consistent day/time you workout together, and holding each other to it, will ensure you won’t miss your workouts.  You might be willing to let yourself down, but you can't let each other down.



Training solo can lead to getting stuck in a routine and going through the motions. A workout partner can help break plateaus by providing motivation and pushing you to complete those last few reps. Partner exercises such as medicine-ball tosses, agility drills, and super-setting exercises can also add variability to your training.



A night out is fun but may not be conducive to your health and fitness goals. Picking a night or two a week to you can meet at the gym benefits two-fold: a big calorie burn and preventing over-consumption!  Your workouts don’t have to be strictly structured or boring.  Signing up for classes you enjoy or seeing a trainer to support you with energizing new workouts each week can prevent boredom ensure you are getting results.

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